Sometimes I wonder if 500 years from now, the new year will begin in September. As I look around me, I am seeing people in motion, and making changes. Disruption is sometimes in order to create action and get unstuck. Here is a collection of podcasts and webisodes which will inspire change and a new way of thinking:

Episode 8: Culture Shock with Reed Hastings CEO and Founder of Netflix

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” as the saying goes. As part of LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale – this episode is one of the most insightful. The podcast featuring Reed Hastings (it is confusing that they have the same unusual first name but I found a way to roll with it ;)) is so interesting since he takes what he learned from a previous IT company he owned, and applied it to Netflix. It is an incredibly effective application of creating a company of “thinkers” rather than “doers”. There are also many references to Netflix’s famous Culture Deck, found here.


S1:EP11: Working Through Differences

This episode from I Hate My Boss looks at some of the biases that we bring to the table, and how to work through them. Even if you think you are “above it all” and do not have biases, really thinking through it may surprise you, and bring an interesting breakthrough.


How to Stop Caring About Things that Don’t Matter 

If you have noticed a book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F$#$” at the book store lately, check out this interesting webisode from Marie Forleo featuring Mark Manson, the book’s author. Mark is not saying that nothing matters. He is saying that we should be very selective about what matters to us, and focus in on it. He invites us to be curators of what matters to us. You may want to put your headphones on for this one because of the language.


EP157: 10% Entrepreneurship with Patrick McGinnis 

Have you ever thought about launching a business, but had your career getting in the way? Patrick McGinnis talks about balancing your portfolio of activities for happiness and fulfillment. Going full on “job” has its downsides, with many industries automating and future job roles uncertain, and going on full on “entrepreneur” also has its risks, and is not for everyone.  To bridge the gap, McGinnis suggests the 10% Entrepreneur approach. This was a very interesting and thought-provoking listen.


Stop Looking up to Workaholics Who Look Down on You

The Growth Show from HubSpot interviews David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails and is the founder and CTO at Basecamp. He believes that workaholism of owners quickly trickles down to employees, and thinks that there needs to be a change of narrative for better productivity and happiness. This is a surprising perspective from someone who has achieved so much!


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