There are many ways to grow your brand, but the best way is from within.

For that to happen, you need a healthy team – one with creative solutions and marketing methods aligned with what they care about most – not outdated ideas from 5 years ago.

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Personal Branding Primer

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." This saying is still true... and more and more, that first impression is occurring online. What people judge you on is not your looks, your clothes, your body language or other things that may or may not be...

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Marketing Statistics that Will Scare You

Halloween is coming, the pumpkins are purchased, the decorations are out and the kids are getting ready for the big night. In general, Marketing is a profession that likes to keep things positive. But, for this season I wanted to outline a scary problem. Many...

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Values-Based Businesses

Having a values at the center is absolutely core in terms of building a business brand. Take a look at some of these mission statements and values of very successful companies and measure it against your personal experience for inspiration. Starbucks Mission...

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Online Personal Branding

Are you looking to develop your personal brand? The key is that the things that make you unique are your core differentiators. Taking methods and processes from the professional marketing world, you can build a personal brand that is unique and stands out. See this...

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