“I’ve been reflecting a lot about my past experiences and I wanted to thank you for being such a great mentor and for believing in me. All the things I learned in my first job are fundamental to who I am today.”

Tiffany Yam, Planning, Performance and Analysis, CBC

I had the pleasure of working for Stefania during the formative months of my first foray into marketing. She was attentive, patient, and provided a wonderful role-model to develop myself and grow into a new career.

Cameron Smith, Content Marketing Specialist, Pragmatic TM

“As a communicator, I haven’t seen too many MBA grads who are better. This has to be a vital skill in digital marketing where the war for attention is fought and won with sharply formed ideas. She’s the one I’d rely upon to move my product or service forward, or give me a way to express a strategic intent in digital form.”

Douglas Reid, Associate Professor, Queen’s University