Health and Wellness

Education Industry Overview

The estimated healthcare expenditure on an annual basis in Canada alone is 212 Billion dollars. This amount is predicted to rise over the next few years. The biggest trend driving this increase is the aging population and more chronic diseases such as diabetes within the population. Additionally, there is an increasing expectation from patients to be active in their healthcare, rather than be passive recipients. Doctors are experiencing a shift from “doing to” patience to “partnering with” patients.

Current Trends

This is an industry that has seen some major shifts in the past few years, and is poised for more. If you are in this healthcare, here are some trends that may be affecting you:

  • Empowered Consumers: Discerning consumers are looking for more convenient options, such as having procedures such as wound treatment, stitches or staples done at a retail clinic or pharmacy, rather than a hospital. Additionally, many consumers want to have their tests done wirelessly. For example, a reading from an electrocardiogram or defibrillator can now be done on a mobile device and sent wirelessly. Finally, as consumers read more and understand more, doctors are do not own the information in the same way that they used to.
  • Workplace Wellness: With a greater understanding of stress, wellness is taking on a larger role in the workplace. This includes fitness, yoga and healthier environments.
  • Mental Health Awareness: Both awareness and acceptance of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is on the rise. Therefore, treatment levels, both private and public, are going up.

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