Education Industry Overview

The education market is estimated to be worth 1.3 Trillion dollars globally, and is broken down into four sectors:

  • Early childhood education: $70 billion
  • K-12: $670 billion
  • Higher education: $475 billion
  • Adult learning, continued education: $55 billion

Current Trends

This is an industry that has seen some major shifts in the past few years, and is poised for more. If you are in this industry, here are some trends that may be affecting you:

  • Graduation Rates are Up: Across the world, more and more people are graduating from all levels of education.
  • Lack of Faith in Traditional Systems: As the system continues to be disrupted by new technology and learning styles, parents are looking for alternatives for their children.
  • Students embracing technology, parents and teachers mixed: while students are quick to embrace technology, parents and teachers have mixed reactions to it.

Engagements – Both Former and Current

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