What is a brand? It is not just a single campaign, or its posts, likes, follows, and pins – a brand is a shaped perception. In fact, 90% of your brand is how it makes people feel.

From your website to sales materials to Public Relations to AdWords, every touchpoint is an opportunity to shape the perception of your organization. When you define in advance what this perception should be, the result is unified messaging and maximum consumer or B2B impact.

Unfortunately, even today, many companies rush to deadlines, and develop creative without a clear vision of their values, how they are positioned, and the overall perception they need to create. There may be a lot going on in teh marketing but unfocused messaging and scattered execution lead to wasted dollars and teams asking “what did we really get out of this initiative?”

That’s why a brand strategy is critical to success. A brand strategy defines what your company stands for, its personality, and the most important messages that must come through explicitly and subtly in all messages. In essence, it is the “master” campaign strategy against which all subsequent communications are developed.

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