Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

GravityHub is a global, fast-growing, branding, content and social media agency dedicated to excellence while enjoying the ride. We craft creative, smart strategies and execute them for clients within their competitive and internal context. We educate our local and global community in a fun and inclusive way on marketing, entrepreneurship and growth.


Our Values

Community: Growing a business is not just about spreadsheets. It is about dreams, families and communities. We are inclusive and open and want every person and business to feel that they can be a part of what we do.

Economics: We believe that free-market principals create efficiency and innovation. We ensure that our marketing strategies are centered in an understanding of competition, industry dynamics and Return on Investment (ROI).

Passion: We do great work for good people and always “start with heart”. We care about our clients and love our trade of marketing; those around us feel that through our words and actions.

Value: We are a catalyst for growth in the businesses that we serve. As marketers we are often change agents; change can be uncomfortable but it is worthwhile because it creates market value.

Hard Work: Nothing worth having comes without hard work; we have a strong achievement orientation and strive to work smart in all that we do.

Consciousness: We are conscious about who we connect with, how we do business and of the energy which we bring to each business. We understand that everything has a context in terms of where it is now, and where it can go.

Creativity: Every problem has a solution and we search for it through inspiration, testing and collaboration. Starting from nothing is a creative process and we honor that in all of the businesses that we serve.

Fun: The creative process does not happen without fun. Enjoying the ride is great motivation – so let’s be a little crazy, have fun and build connections for life!