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Lori O'Connell Olson

Lori O’Connell did not start off wanting to create a brand. She started off by following her heart. An avid Martial Artist, Stunt Performer, and Writer with a passion for Personal Development, Lori has rolled that all into one powerful online brand.

The results of her efforts: attaining her dream of being a published author with her book When the Fight Hits the Ground, being at the heart of a vibrant community of Martial Artists, and having the joy of making a living doing what she loves. Her online brand was also directly responsible for connecting her with two major American women’s martial arts organizations (PAWMA and NWMAF) for which she was invited to teach at their annual training camps, further increasing her reach.

“My blog and Social Media activities have helped me connect with friends around the world, and have led to a lot of media attention, and ultimately, got me connected with Tuttle Publishing, who eventually published my book, leading to even more opportunities to increase my reach.”

Top 5 Results: 

1. A site under her own name about all of her activities as a Writer, Martial Arts Instructor, Stunt Performer etc. – Her own site is about her life in Martial Arts and beyond, making the profile more well-rounded.

2. Instructor at Pacific Wave Jiu Jitsu – This is the Dojo that Lori owns together with her husband, Chris.

3. Her LinkedIn Profile, listing her as a Martial Arts Instructor, Author and Blogger (this was shown twice so used the 6th result as well for scoring purposes).

4. Her YouTube channel showing some Martial Arts techniques such as shoulder throws, pressure points and Judo.

5. Author interview about When the Fight Hits the Ground.

Going back to our original analysis, 87% of clicks go to the top 5 results. So… let’s score Lori’s online activities:

Authentic: Full disclosure, I have known Lori since High School, and I can say that this is definitely who she is. 5/5

Well-Rounded: Although the profile is heavily weighted towards Martial Arts, you can also see the other sides of Lori’s personality. 4/5

Unique: This profile is unique, from the Martial Artist who is smaller, to her interest in personal development. 5/5

Appropriate: This profile is appropriate for both the Martial Arts, and the technical details associated, but also for people looking for an inspirational story about someone who loves what they do. 5/5.

Overall, Lori’s profile scores a 95%.

Personal Branding Tips

  • Having a site with your own name in the URL is a way to make sure you control your first result on Google.
  • Being active on Google Plus can have a very positive effect on rankings, and shows your image on searches of you.
  • Video is a good medium as well… even if you are a writer first. Don’t forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
  • Don’t be afraid if you have many different interests, it only makes you seem more well-rounded.
  • Turning your passions into your personal brand is a great way to make them larger in your life!

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