Values-Based Businesses

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Having a values at the center is absolutely core in terms of building a business brand. Take a look at some of these mission statements and values of very successful companies and measure it against your personal experience for inspiration.

Starbucks Mission Statement 

Apple’s Mission Statement 

Amazon Core Values 

Mission statements and values can be one of your biggest brand strengths in terms of affecting your customers, employees and supplier experiences at all levels. It also helps motivate you and remind you of your original goals when you first started. Finally, it can help you in those “crunch times” when you need to make a decision one way or the other.

Mission Statements and values are not just for bigger businesses. They are also great for those that are smaller. They are very low-cost (maybe you will need one or two extra coffees to create them ;)), and all it takes is a little research, passion and inspiration. In terms of smaller businesses, you can see the Mission and Values of this humble agency here:

JB Network Mission and Values 

If you don’t have a mission or values for your business yet, give it a try. It can be a fulfilling and creative exercise!

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